I woke up to this: blue skies, green trees and warm air on my skin.

Summer, Fall, Winter and now the emerging Spring.

With Spring arriving, we have experienced all of the seasons here in Hong Kong, and something about that has touched the deepest part of my soul.

Winter has been a thick, black cloud hanging over my head, but now there are flowers in the distance.

I am reminded: God doesn’t walk us through anything without sowing seeds in the process.



I thought going into our 4th month things would be easier.

But, they aren’t.

Don’t get me wrong. Cooking, living, language-barrier, friendships, etc. are all at such a perfect place. Not because things are roses, but because God has perfectly ordained and orchestrated each detail.

Rus and I literally live day-to-day grieving the loss our “life expectations,” being reminded that we signed up for a ride we would not control. That ride being: the moment we became followers of Christ.

This is not a weepy, I want to cry all day, kind of grief. It is a deep, sanctifying cleansing.

We are grieving what we thought jobs, family and friends would look like at this point in our lives.

We used to think we would have a group of friends we would grow old with, children and perfect, stable jobs.

But, God is reminding me that it REALLY isn’t about my plans, expectations or “dreams.”

May God continue to lead us through unfamiliar and uncomfortable circumstances.

And in the end, may God get the glory for His story in our lives.


Packed: jammed, filled to capacity.

I am not talking about meat here.

Or luggage.

This is a picture taken at the ladies market, which is open from around 2:00pm-11:30pm every single day.

You might ask: “How many Hello Kitty wallets, Hong Kong magnets, and belts made of “real leather” can one sell to stay open 7 days a week, 9 hours a day!?”

Well, if you sold one Hello Kitty wallet every five minutes, it would take 177.5 years before every person in Hong Kong owned one (not factoring inflation).

So, if you find yourself in Hong Kong, you should venture to the ladies market. And at “a special price for you,” you can get the most amazing trinkets in all of Asia.


It was over a year ago that we first visited Hong Kong.

God put a love in our hearts for this city and these people.

95% of around 7 million people put their hope in false gods.

We have nothing in and of ourselves to offer people in Hong Kong.

But, we wait patiently and eagerly for divine appointments…

We have the most beautiful redemption story to share.

Join us in praying to this end.


Rus and I needed to get out of the city. You start developing hurry sickness when around 7 million people around you are always walking/running at a brisk pace.

Stanley seemed to be the perfect place. A quaint fishing village.

Less people, no MTR, no concrete jungle, peaceful and relaxing.

Remember folks, Hong Kong has over 200 offshore islands.

Rus took a picture to prove it.

We spent the day relaxing. Eating great non-Chinese food. And enjoying one another’s company.

We also found this…

Happy Wednesday. And War Eagle.


Setting: Monday morning @ 8:05. Students are unpacking.

Student 1: “Mrs. Beasley, (Student 2) bit me.”

Mrs. Beasley: “Bit you!?”

Student 1: “Yeah. It kind of hurt.”

Mrs. Beasley: “Where did (Student 2) bite you?”

Student 1: “Right here.” (As his points to his left butt cheek.)

Bite marks, blood and all.

You might be thinking, “But I thought all Asians were well-behaved and did their work diligently!?”

In this case, you are correct. The one and only Western face in my room was the cause of this bite.

Asians 1, Westerners 0.

Happy Monday.


I have stared at a blank “new post” for going on two months now.

How do you start to tell people what this experience is like using words?

Is there an existing word that expresses how you are feeling and what you are experiencing?

I want to create a new word to add to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary.

This word would encompass all of these things…


On and on.

See why I am wordless.

Thankful I can sit under the authority of a God who has experienced all of these emotions. HE is the only one who will fully “get” why I am wordless.


This morning I have been reflecting on moving and I have been thinking about how I will not be standing next to my best friend the day she says “I do.”

Isn’t she adorable?

I found some school pictures of us from middle school. And they made me laugh so hard.

This was written on the back of the picture Fran gave me.

Along with weddings, I am missing walking through life with some of my best friends while they are pregnant and watching their kids grow for the next few years.

I told God I didn’t sign up for missing all of those things. I JUST signed up for moving to Hong Kong.

Then I was reminded. I am not the princess I think I am. I do not get everything I think I need. I am moving. I will be missing big events. BUT, God will always provide. I am humbled to move across the World to serve a God who provides for our every need.


Oh where has my cute and charming tudor-like home gone?

Our living room and kitchen used to be a place of entertaining, conversations into the wee hours of the morning and food galore.

Our living room is now my new “office” and a our kitchen consists of a table for all of the random things I need to pack.

Our dining room was always a place we had dinner and brunch while enjoying the company of our friends and family.

It now resembles a storage unit.

Our bedroom was a place of peace and serenity.

It now looks like a room of a boy in Junior High.

Just for kicks and giggles, I thought this might make you feel better when you are a little behind on your laundry.

And because of this lovely transformation, my hair has looked like this for a few weeks.

Whew. Blogging about my junk is pretty freeing.

Now back to sharpies, stickers, boxes and packing tape.