So, blogging seems to not be my thing. Honestly, when I sit down and have free time, the last thing I want to do is be on the computer.

BUT–it has come to my attention, that while we are living far from people we love, it is important for us to keep people in the loop.

With that said…


26 Weeks Pregnant

We found out we were pregnant early December, and come mid-December, I started to experience what the books call “Morning Sickness.” I am not quite sure why they call it morning sickness. More like all-day sickness, but maybe morning sickness sounds cuter and pregnant women are supposed to glow and look radiant right!? I was sick all day from 6-21 weeks! You heard me right. It was not a pretty sight over here. Good thing is, the nausea has lessened and I only get sick about twice a week now.

We had a blast telling our parents we were pregnant. We told Rus’ parents over Skype and mine in person when they visited over Christmas.

I finish my job in four weeks and it is a bittersweet season. I LOVE teaching. especially sweet, cute, Chinese children, but I know God has called me to something else. Love and teach the precious child He has given to us for this next season. It will be a transition, but God walks with us in transition. And for that, I feel confident in what God is and will do over this next season of life.

We could use prayers regarding transition and health care during this pregnancy. American care for pregnant women is a luxury and I am learning to trust God in the midst of Him changing my expectations. God loves us and takes care of us. (Even if it means me taking a urine test out in a public squatty potty, due to the hospital not having a bathroom I can use!)

I will soon update you on some of my pregnancy stories. They are too good to not share with others.