When you want to get to a beach here, you have to work extra hard in getting there. No driving up near the pier, unloading your cooler, chairs, towels, umbrellas, portable cribs, 14 bags of beach toys or any other stuff we might think is necessary to have for a fun and successful day at the beach.

The beach here is kind of freeing in the sense of not needing a lot, but the hike to get to the beach can be brutal in such a hot and humid environment.

The view at the peak of our hike.

Looking down at the beach.

Look at this steady bridge we found!

Great documentation to show how "touristy" I looked all day.

Boating back to Sai Kung

This is Sai Kung. Each day, you will find a number of people on the dock waiting for the boats to come in after a long day of fishing. What a great way to buy fresh seafood! (sorry for the blurry photo)

Wiped after a long day in the sun.

Great day and great friends.