How do you start to describe two weeks with family!?!?

Some might say: irritating, dramatic, boring, etc.

But my list of words look different: incredible, hysterical, nurturing and real.

Before Rus’ family came to visit, I had a bit of anxiety. “What if we don’t connect like we did before?” “What if we have grown apart in different ways?”

These thoughts and feelings were real.

So we waited at Arrival Gate A with hopeful anxiety. Looking forward to what Hong Kong looked like with the addition of family.

And the moment we made eye contact was like no other.

I wish I could describe the way heart strings feel when you tug on them. In one moment, I was reminded of these tightly woven strings. No distance could detach or loosen what God had sewn together.

The flood gates opened as the arms embraced.

More to come on the family adventure in East Asia.