Meet Singer.

You got it. Singer loves to sing! He sings walking up the stairs, taking a spelling test, or pretty much anytime he can open his mouth. He usually sits next to me during Chapel, which is always a show. As soon as the violin starts, Singer puts his right hand in a ball, brings it up towards his mouth, and sways back and forth singing into his fist. At first, I thought he was being silly, but honestly, this is just the way he worships.

Singer is meticulous about his work. I will be giving directions to the whole class and before I can finish, Singer shoots his hand straight up in the air and attempts to ask 20 questions. After reminding him of his superb problem solving skills, his little chest calms down and he starts taking deep breaths.

I think he is going to be a creative screen writer. He loves publishing books in our class. His last free-writing book involved his dad chasing him around the city trying to catch him. It was a bit of a horror, and after discussing with him to make sure everything was okay at home, I tucked it in my teacher file thinking it would be best to not send home. I didn’t want the parents to think I was teaching him how to write horror flicks.

Happy Tuesday folks, and stay tuned. Tomorrow you will be meeting Crickets.