I decided to give you a glimpse into my classroom. The personalities and stories are too good for only one adult to experience.

I like to call this one George. George Costanza that is. She acts just like him.

This one makes me laugh every day. She is funny, particular, and has the cutest dimples on the block.

Every time we celebrate a birthday, she tells me she is “allergic” to chocolate. Really, she just doesn’t like chocolate.

She loves to use English words that are too difficult for her to pronounce. She starts of by strongly pronouncing the beginning of the word and then trails off by the end.

She wants to be a paleontologist and tells me she collects bones. I ask her what kind of bones. And she tells me all kinds. I ask her to bring some bones to school and she tells me her “collection is too large.”

She tells me a new joke each morning. Usually, these jokes involve a zebra. She recently published a joke book in our writing center titled, A Million Jokes About Zebras. I thought we were close to ending our streak of zebra jokes, but it looks like we have only begun.

More to come later. Tomorrow you will be meeting Singer.